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Non-conventional Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

non conventional marketing

It might be for many of you obvious what the difference is between Non-conventional marketing and Traditional marketing, but I think it is worthy to brush up on these basic concepts.

Traditional Marketing is based on the “Four Ps” formulated by Joreme McCarthy: Product, Price, Promotion and Placement. Those elements of the Marketing Mix has to be planned before the product will be launched into the market.

The market has to be categorized into different segments each of one with specific demographic, psycho graphic and behavioural characteristics. Each segment will react and behave in a particular way to different mediums and messages. Therefore a specific marketing strategy will be created for the segment we would like to target.

Traditional marketing is company-focused: the message to be communicated is driven by the company to the consumer who is the passive receiver of this message. Being a passive receiver, the consumer will absorb the message without any decisional power to refuse it.

Once the Marketing Mix has been planned, the market segment has been chosen and the message has been produced, it is the time to advertise this message and reach the desired segment.

There are mainly two types of advertising: Above-the-line and Below-the-line”. Some of the Above the line” modes of advertising are: print medium (magazines, yellow pages, etc..), TV and Radio spots, leaflets, etc.. Some of the Below-the-line mediums are: promotions- public relations, sponsorships, merchandising etc.

Non conventional marketing is simply what doesn’t fall under the definition of ”Conventional Marketing. I  purposely leave the definition open, as I don’t think there is a specific theory/definition to describe this concept. I believe though there are some communal characteristics.

Non-conventional marketing doesn’t believe in market segments. According to the latest sociology studies, a market trend is a non-trend. The same person that could have been in that specific segment is now under three other segments at the same time. Í will give you an example to better understand this reverse trend.

I need to place in the market a very expensive handbag. With a conventional marketing approach I will choose the same market segment that buys Prada clothes, as I assume people in this segment are likely to have a higher budget to spend in fashion. With a non-conventional marketing approach I will choose to advertise my expensive handbag to two traditional segments, for example: who buys Prada garments and who buys Primark garments. I cannot assume that whoever spends more money on clothes  will be more likely to spend more money on handbags. I have to consider that whoever does not spend a lot of money on clothes, might be because the amount that has been saved on clothes has been allocated to expensive handbags.

The second characteristic of non-conventional marketing is the consumer-focus: the message to be communicated is driven by the consumer who is an active participant of the message.

Being an active part of the advert, the consumer is able to decide whether he would like to be part of the message, to be the ambassador of the message or to refuse the message. For any of these options, the consumer is actively taking a decision.

The goal of non-conventional marketing is to capture the interest through creativity and unpredictably putting adverts in unusual places or displaying them in unusual ways.  Some of the mediums used are: guerrilla marketing, street marketing, stunt marketing, events, product placement, etc..

I believe traditional marketing and non-conventional marketing are not replaceable but are complementary. A good marketing strategy should take into consideration the two approaches above for a sole target.


2 commenti su “Non-conventional Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

  1. Great read – at the end of the day it will be the market that will determine which style is preferred at the time – and markets can be unpredictable

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